Wednesday 26 November 2014

Simple Android Screen Recording (without video cam or root required)

  1. Android adb (Android Debug Bridge) 
  2. Android device with version 4.4 (Kit-Kat) or greater
  3. Micro USB cable to connect you phone to computer
  1.  In your android device go to “Settings” -> “Developer options” and tick “USB debugging options”.
    (If Developer options are not visible then go to Settings -> About phone -> Tap “Build number” 7 times to start the developer options)
  2. Then connect your device to computer which has adb in it.
  3. Go to the directory in which adb is present and open a command line window there by pressing “shift + mouse right click” and select the option “Open command window here”.
    (Generally adb is present at C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools)
  4. Fire the following trial command to check your device is connected or not

    adb devices

  5. If your device is shown in List of devices attached then fire the following command

    adb shell screenrecord /sdcard/<YourFileName>.mp4
  6. To stop the recording press  “Ctrl+c” and then for pulling the recorded video to phone memory fire the following command

    adb pull /sdcard/< YourFileName >.mp4

    Bam it’s done.
    Now go to your gallery and check out your recorded video.

    1. There is a space between following commands
      • adb shell screenrecord <space>/sdcard/<YourFileName>.mp4
      • adb pull <space>/sdcard/< YourFileName >.mp4
    2. For installing adb to your computer you can follow these links
      Installing ADB in windows without Downloading Android SDK
      Installing ADB in windows with Android SDK
    3. To enable touch pointer in video go to
      "developer options" -> tick the "Show touches" options present under INPUT category.
    DevBytes: Android 4.4 - Recording App Videos